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Prof type, single mama, and disabled queerdo // Books: The Not Wives; 16 Pills; Panpocalypse (March 2022)

I’ve done some research and I’d like some new features on my dating apps.

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If there is a picture of a straight cis man holding a gun, a baseball bat, or a knife, I would like the app to delete him ASAP or if that’s not possible, please make the…


This writer’s take: You can write whatever you want. But you have to keep a few things in mind.

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You may have heard about the “Bad Art Friend” scandal, I mean, clickbait, I mean, Twitter fun.

I know that my friends and I can’t seem to stop texting about it (complete with “don’t subpoena this group chat” gallows humor). I write autofiction, also called fiction, and personal essays. I…

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An Open Letter to My University:

I want to be a good contract faculty person and attend the faculty retreat that is scheduled for today. Instead, I will model the kind of self-care the university pays lip service to in emails and university wide initiatives, but never through policy changes…

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My semester started (masked, vaccinated, in person) and so everything feels very exhausting and super extra. Yesterday, I cried in Washington Square Park I was so tired. Two drunk men had also lunged at me, but that’s for another post or never. But I also got to meet with my…

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I’ve been single on and off for the last eight years. I’ve had some relationships. I’ve come out. I may or may not be in a relationship right now. Everything I do is way too complicated, even for me.

I’m pansexual and poly, so the relationship thing is sometimes irrelevant…

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“Show Don’t Tell,” is an overused piece of writing advice. I say it too much, often as a placeholder for deeper work I could be doing with students and clients. There is also “Kill Your Darlings,” but Emily Schultz has that one covered.

Sonya Huber, has written about how the…

Top tips from an essayist and writing professor

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Here’s the quick and dirty version of what I teach my students in a semester. If you want me to teach you one-on-one, you can always hire me to be your #WritingBoss.

Keep a notebook. I have a little essay about this very thing to help you get started.

Yes, yes, Joan Didion, and goodbye and hello to all that

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In her now-legendary essay “On Keeping a Notebook,” Joan Didion writes:

Keepers of private notebooks are a differ­ent breed altogether, lonely and resistant rearrangers of things, anxious malcontents, children afflicted apparently at birth with some presentiment of loss.

And later:

How it felt to me: that is getting closer to…

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I’ve been loosely following the latest iteration of the “Cat Person” saga. I’m not on Twitter, so the fact that it’s filtered into my social media, tells me that we’ve hit another one of those annoying zeigtgeisty moments where we seem to lose all sense of nuance, mostly because some…

Carley Moore

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